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How do I know if I’m Gluten Sensitive?

You jump on the internet to see another headline about gluten sensitivity telling you it’s Bogus…   Then, the next time you turn around, you’re hearing from your co-worker how amazing they feel now that they’re off gluten.  And what is the deal with people saying they have Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity???  Seriously, what does that […]

Bring on Better Sleep!

You are sooo ready for bed!  You climb into your cozy sheets, flip off the light, and boom – there goes that brain.  Thoughts swimming all around, and all you want to do is get to bed!!   I hear ya lady.  This was a big problem of mine for awhile.  The good news is […]

3 Steps to Boost Energy and Bust Brain Fog

When you’re dragging your sorry butt out of bed, and your kid is talking, but geez it sounds like he’s SHOUTING, and you’re wondering if you could please just get a caffeinated IV infusion, it’s time to sort things out.  This is the WORST, and there are steps you can take to get some relief […]

Warm up with this tasty dinner!

And school for my kids is cancelled again tomorrow!  The message just popped up on my phone…  More snow on the way! It’s been sooo stinkin’ COLD!  Those of you that live in places that get cold in the winter know we’ve broken some records this year!  And not the type of records that anyone […]

Improve digestion with mindful eating

You try to chew as you’re getting kids coats on, and then slam back a slug of coffee, hurriedly hustling everybody out the door.   Eating on the run has become a part of modern life. Kids or no kids, many of people are checking e-mail and doing work while they eat lunch. Slamming back […]