Hi, I’m Brooke Seiz, Functional Medicine Nutrition Practitioner.  I’m a mother of 3… and a former member of the Wired and Tired club.

I used to be a mess.  I don’t even think I knew how much of a mess I was until I wasn’t.  My friends and family couldn’t see it, but inside I was wound tight… my heart would race, and I worried about EVERYTHING.  At night I’d lay there unable to fall asleep, but then the next day, I’d be exhausted. I had gut problems, and was so freakin’ constipated.  Ever stood up on the rim of a toilet at your workplace, and squatted on it to try to poop? Yup, I have! Some things are funny after the fact.  But in the moment? I was ready to pull my hair out!

When I discovered functional medicine and nutrition, and learned that there are ways to address the root causes of my problems, I was so relieved.  Ok, that’s the UNDERSTATEMENT of the YEAR! I was like a scene out of Mary Poppins – tap dancing and ready to go sailing away in song under my umbrella… but I digress….  Suffice it to say, I am pretty passionate about helping you find the answers that will give you your life back.

Here’s three things I really believe in, that maybe you can relate to:

It’s Not Just In Your Head

You’re feeling overwhelmed, your sleep sucks, and you’re wiped.  You’ve read articles about functional medicine, and how there can be root causes in the body that cause you to feel the way you do and affect your brain.  But, when you open up about all of this to a friend, they suggest a psychologist. “I mean, being a Mom is just hard!”

Now, ladies, I LOVE my counselor, but seriously – there is no way she could have helped guide me to where I am now without my root causes being healed through functional lab testing and appropriate protocols.  This is an important part of any health journey.

2. You don’t have to do this alone!

Us mom’s have to stick together. Not many people in the world know what it’s like to feel like absolute crap… and not be able to call in sick and just lay in bed, because these little tiny humans depend on us.  And so much of our lives are done working tirelessly and alone, but this health recovery does not have to be that way.

It IS possible to have a partnership with a health practitioner and coach, who will listen, support, and give you step-by-step approaches to help you reach your goals.  You deserve to have a supportive and empowering health journey.

3.  Burnout Shouldn’t Be Normal

You go to the doctor and tell them you’re overwhelmed, can’t sleep, but then can’t get out of bed in the morning.  After a 7 minute appointment with barely a glance from your provider, you’re told that life is just busy, and this is pretty common for working Moms.  The kids will grow up and things will change. Maybe you’d like a prescription for a depression/anxiety medication in the meantime? What the heck? You’ve seen other Moms doing just fine.  Yes, it’s a lot to handle, but seriously – this just doesn’t seem like it’s normal, and deep down you don’t think you’re just depressed. You don’t want to get addicted to a depression medication.  There’s got to be another way…

I’m here to tell you that there is another way.  Finding health, and then having tools to stay in balance as life happens.  I want to help you discover what you can do to fill your tank so that you have energy to enjoy your modern, busy life.  There is a way to do a LOT, and still find the freedom, flow, and joy in it all because you feel great!



“I’m so grateful to have had somewhere to turn when everyone else thought I was crazy, when my symptoms seemed like something I would never recover from.” ~Megan

I am not exaggerating when I say that Brooke saved my life.  Shortly after having my first son, my health started failing.  I had zero energy, my hair was falling out and I was white as a ghost.  I could barely get out of bed and felt so much sadness that this was how I was spending my first year with my baby.  Exhausted, unwell, and unable to give him the mother he deserved.I saw every doctor under the sun over the course of 18 months or so and they found…..nothing wrong with me.  

It was then that I happened to reconnect with Brooke as she had just moved to Denver.  I told her what was going on and she immediately said, “I wonder if you have a food allergy”.  She started me on an elimination diet right away and guess what, she was right. With one suggestion, she was able to solve the puzzle that non of my medical doctors could.  We diagnosed gluten to be the culprit, so I cut that out and took a handful of of supplements at Brooke’s recommendation. It took a while to heal all the damage that had been done to my gut, but pretty soon I was back to my old self.  

Years later, I had a similar experience with some odd bloating.  I was again shipped around to my primary doctor, the OB, and the GI doc, only to be told nothing was wrong with me.  One call to Brooke and she knew it had to be SIBO, which a test confirmed it was.

I am so grateful to have had somewhere to turn when everyone else thought I was crazy, when my symptoms seemed like something I would never recover from.  To me, Brooke is an angel on earth, using her vast knowledge to heal the otherwise un-healable. Plus, she does it with humor and grace and is all around a wonderful person to have on your team.

~Megan, Denver, Colorado

“Not only have I been able to resolve my abdominal issues but also I have more energy, more focus, and my memory is so much better because of Brooke’s knowledge and assistance.” ~Julie

I was having a terrible time getting relief from abdominal bloating and pain. I had gone to several practitioners with no relief. I went to see Brooke for menopause issues of memory loss and hot flashes, but was pleasantly surprised that she was the first person that I had talked to who really understood what I was going through and actually had advice and a plan that could help me. Not only have I been able to resolve my abdominal issues but also I have more energy, more focus, and my memory is so much better because of Brooke’s knowledge and assistance. I have recommended Brooke to several people.



Surviving the daily grind with no relief or end in sight is brutal. Somewhere deep inside, you know you should feel better, but you don’t know how….

Nor do you have the energy to figure it out.  Waking up tired with brain fog is just not going to cut it.  You have way too much to do. Sometimes you get going, but then you feel edgy, and even irritable at times.  You need steady energy, and you need it now.

Most practitioners are giving you more to do without all the answers.  A new complicated diet to try. A supplement that is sure to lift that awful fog weighing you down.  A stress management technique. But you just can’t find the time to sort it all out….

If you’ve been suffering the daily grind, I can help you troubleshoot some of the root causes that may be at play, and give you some tips to boost energy.

Click the link below to learn more about my Free 30-minute “Tired & Wired Troubleshooting Session”, where we’ll explore your health history in more detail, and identify some of the top root causes of your energy problems.

I’d love to meet with you and help you get your groove back.

– Brooke