3 Steps to Boost Energy and Bust Brain Fog

When you’re dragging your sorry butt out of bed, and your kid is talking, but geez it sounds like he’s SHOUTING, and you’re wondering if you could please just get a caffeinated IV infusion, it’s time to sort things out.  This is the WORST, and there are steps you can take to get some relief […]

Warm up with this tasty dinner!

And school for my kids is cancelled again tomorrow!  The message just popped up on my phone…  More snow on the way! It’s been sooo stinkin’ COLD!  Those of you that live in places that get cold in the winter know we’ve broken some records this year!  And not the type of records that anyone […]

Improve digestion with mindful eating

You try to chew as you’re getting kids coats on, and then slam back a slug of coffee, hurriedly hustling everybody out the door.   Eating on the run has become a part of modern life. Kids or no kids, many of people are checking e-mail and doing work while they eat lunch. Slamming back […]

Kicking Caffeine for Coffee Lovers!

I know!  You just delight in that morning cup of coffee… and perhaps the multiple ones that follow later in the day… If you’re tired, it makes you feel alive!  Or maybe you just love the comforting smell and feel of that cup in your hands while you get going on the day. So, here’s […]

PS… a relaxing supplement

Blinders!  Aha! That’s what they’re called… I woke up this morning racking my brain for what those things are called that horses wear to block their peripheral vision. Strange right?  But here’s why…. Every time I’ve gone through a period of stress, at some point I realize I’m running around with blinders on, like a […]

The Wired & Tired Rescue Guide

5 Holistic Remedies you can use right now to get your head above water

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I have a gut feeling this could help….

“My digestion feels great.  It’s working just fine.” That’s what my client Lana told me in our first appointment together when I asked her about possible digestive symptoms.  Even when I asked more probing questions, she didn’t report anything abnormal about her gut. BUT, she was wiped! Her energy sucked, and she felt completely unmotivated […]